In Search of Peace

A short film on the lives of the fishermen at the Abdul Rahman Goth located 30 KM from Karachi, Pakistan. How their daily lives are affected with crime and constant shut downs of the city.

A Short Film part of the Apna Karachi Festival produced in association with Indus Earth Trust.

In Search Of Peace from Jibran Jawaid on Vimeo.

A Tangerine Media Production



Amidst the hustle and bustle at the II Chundrigar there is stillness… Making me take a moment to live in it.


Super Moon

The moon has been used to depict many things and poets have commonly used it to compare it to their beloved. Many myths are associated with the moon too and that of the werewolves the most common.

On Saturday the 5th of May 2012 will see the rise of the Super Moon.

A Super Moon is a phenomena occurring when the moon comes the closest to earth while orbiting it.

According to NASA our moon will near to a distance of 356,955 Kilometers with our planet and so it will seem the biggest and the brightest to us.

NASA is also saying that this will be the biggest moon for the year. The next super moon will be appearing late 2012 on November the 28th.

Scientists have also said that there is no need to worry about the moons unusual appearance as there is a common knowledge that the moon is associated with high tides and earth quakes. The effects occur because of the moon’s gravitational pull coming into play and as it nears earth the gravitational pull gets stronger causing events on our planets. But scientists at NASA have briefed to not be alarmed as the slight distance difference is not enough to cause an earth quake or extreme tidal effects. But it has also been notified that the tides around the time will be particularly higher than average.

Last year the Super Moon effect was seen in March 2011.

So it is recommended that telescopes are assembled and cameras charged and Sky watchers ready to capture this rare event, be on the lookout for werewolves though… ;)

I will have pictures up for it as soon as I capture them. But it would not be one of those great ones as I am in Karachi which is as per Wikipedia 8 meter above sea level. Oh Well! would still be nice to capture it… :)

The Cell

Members of the Dadaboys were finally apprehended after a raid at their lair resulting in a 4 hour stand off leaving two officals dead and three seriously injured. Sources have told Tangerine News that the culprits were taken into custody at 0800 HRS by the CIA for withholding critical information for their next key operation.

According to the authorities they were taken to an unspecified location and are currently being interrogated.

Thanks to Faisal Kalam the second culprit and Ateeq ur Rehman the first culprit for helping out with the film. Special thanks to Ashar Hussain for taking up the camera magnificently while I acted.

Written by: Faisal Kalam
Actors: Ateeq ur Rehman, Faisal Kalam, Jibran Jawaid
Camera: Ashar Hussain, Jibran Jawaid
Directed By: Jibran Jawaid

A Tangerine Media Production.